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Pamlico County Schools


Following the Federal CDC Guidelines, everyone riding a school bus is required to wear a face covering.




  • Please have your child(ren) at the designated bus stop 10 minutes prior to bus arrival.


  • For the 2021-22 school year, there is currently a continued Mask Mandate while riding a school bus due to Federal CDC Guidelines. Students will be required to wear a mask upon entering the bus and throughout the duration of the bus ride. If your student is not wearing a face mask during duration of the bus ride, they can be written up as a disciplinary action.


  • Riders must wear seat belts if the bus is equipped with them. If your student is not wearing a seat belt, they can be written up as a disciplinary action.


  • NO temporary bus changes or single day changes will be granted.


  • If your child(ren) does not ride the bus for ten consecutive days, the bus driver can request to take them off their bus route.


  • Bus transportation requests can be made at any time by completing the bus application form, but there may be a 3 - 5 day waiting period. Parents will be notified when the transportation request is granted and the date the student may begin.


  • In the case of an emergency school closing, students who attend an afterschool program will be transported on his/her AM bus that they are assigned to.  If the student doesn’t have an AM bus, then the student will have to be picked up at the school.

If you need to arrange bus transportation for your child, please complete the Transportation Request Form (see the link to your right).  Forms need to be filled out per school year for all students needing bus transportation. 

The completed form can be mailed or delivered to the Pamlico County Schools’ Transportation Dept. at 605 Anderson Drive, Bayboro, NC 28515, or the form can drop it off at your child’s school. Forms are also available at each school. You can also fax forms to 252-745-3016. You must complete a separate form for each child.


Transportation Department Staff

Lindsey Willis,  Transportation Director

Carla Spencer, TIMS

Ryan Whitfield, Mechanic

Andrew Holcombe, Mechanic

Our Mission

"It is our mission to provide safe, reliable transportation in the most efficient manner to the students of Pamlico County Schools."

Contact Us

Phone: 252-745-4601
Fax: 252-745-3016
Address: 605 Anderson Drive
                Bayboro, NC 28515