Federal Programs

fed programs
In Pamlico County, it is our goal for all of our students to graduate high school with the skills that they need to be successful in college or career.  In order to achieve this goal, Pamlico County Schools use federal funds for a variety of academic purposes and programs.  
Pamlico County Schools receives funds from several federal grants:
Federal Programs Monitoring
Pamlico County participates with the NC Department of Public Instruction's Federal Programs Monitoring and Support Division to ensure accountability and compliance with the regulations of the various grants.  There are three main purposes for this monitoring initiative:
  • Building Relationships -- The goal of Pamlico County Schools and NCDPI is to raise student achievement.  A viable, collaborative relationship between NCDPI and our school district serves to improve and strengthen the quality of services that we are able to provide for our students.
  • Technical Assistance -- NC DPI does not dictate how the various grant programs should be run, but rather provides support for program improvement.
  • Compliance -- The monitoring process ensures that the legal requirements of each grant are met.