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We have recently completed a large scale project at Pamlico County Primary School.  Due to a build up of overburden along exterior walls of the school, we were experiencing some localized water issues.  We teamed with Dustin Turnage of Turnage Construction and Trucking and came up with a plan to better drain storm water away from our facility.  
Turnage Construction and Trucking started by removing all the turf and about 6"-8" of soil from the first grade playground.  They then proceeded with installation of drain line and rock along the entire exterior of the first grade and kindergarten wings.  This drain line was then connected to six new storm water drain boxes that Turnage Construction installed along the length of the wing in the middle of the playground area.  This all ties in with a main drain line that allows all storm water from the playground area to drain away from the main building and into the surrounding ditches.  This is all covered up by a layer of brand new sod that was installed by Harrison Sod and Landscaping.  
We would like to thank everyone involved with this project for making our facility a safer place for students and staff.
We would like to thank Forrest Farm Supply for giving us a lift.  We had to change out an old HVAC unit at the Pamlico County Primary School gym.  Due to the size of the old unit and the new unit, we needed help with installation.  Forrest Farm Supply was up for the task as always.  With the employment of their extendable boom forklift, installation was completed in a timely manner.