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Pamlico County Schools

Students Receive February Rotary Student of the Month Award

Each month, this recognition is bestowed upon students who exhibit scholastic achievement, leadership, honesty, community service, teamwork, and empathy, among other notable characteristics.
Sixth grader, LoriBeth Dunn, has been chosen for this award based on her strong work ethic, her motivation to learn, and her willingness to go above and beyond. PCMS teacher Ms. Ashley Leary stated, “LoriBeth has shown growth in all academic areas and has become a very confident student who gives 212 degrees of effort in all she does at PCMS. She is a positive leader in the classroom and is respected by teachers and peers. I am very proud of LoriBeth and am pleased to nominate her for this award.”
PCHS Principal Chris Meadows had this to say about Thomas Price, “Thomas is an exceptional young man with a calm demeanor, positive attitude, and is gifted in numerous ways. Mr. Price has been enrolled in and successful in several honors and AP courses since beginning PCHS 3 years ago. Even with these very difficult classes, Mr. Price has maintained a respectable GPA of 3.7. He is also very gifted and makes music that I have personally heard and can attest to how professional and impressive his music sounds. Thomas is destined to accomplish incredible things in life and I am extremely blessed to have him as a student.”
To further commemorate this honor, the Rotary Club has placed a plaque in both schools which displays the name of each recipient of this prestigious award.
Picture #1: LoriBeth Dunn
Picture #2: Thomas Price