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Pamlico County Schools

Board Recognizes RYLA Conference Attendees


During the June meeting of the Pamlico County Board of Education, four students were recognized for having attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Conference in Columbia, North Carolina.


The following Pamlico County High School students were chosen to attend the RYLA Conference on April 21-23: Alden Sylvester, Sharon Jacome, Matthew Buck, and Hydia Davis.  These students were nominated by the Pamlico County High School (PCHS) faculty, reviewed by the PCHS Guidance Department and then interviewed by the Rotary Committee.


According to the RYLA District #7720 website, “RYLA is an intense, fun-filled weekend training program that brings Eastern North Carolina eleventh graders together to further develop character, leadership skills, and learn about Rotary.  It offers the opportunity to build self-confidence, gain exposure to a variety of issues and people, meet active community leaders, and learn valuable information and career skills.” 



Photo Caption:  Sharon Jacome and Matthew Buck. Not pictured, Alden Sylvester and Hydia Davis.