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Pamlico County Schools

Masks REQUIRED for all students and staff beginning September 1, 2021

This afternoon, the Pamlico County Schools Board of Education met to discuss COVID-19 protocols. The board recognizes that this is a highly debated topic throughout our community and state. The board considered the most recent NC Strong Schools toolkit and the quarantine rules if someone was or was not wearing a mask. The likelihood of keeping a larger number of students and staff in school during the pandemic is much higher if all are properly masked. That being said, after lengthy discussion, the board voted 7 to 0 to require masks to be worn indoors by all students, staff and anyone who enters the building. This requirement will go into effect tomorrow, September 1, 2021. All students will be required to wear a mask indoors beginning tomorrow.

Exception: Athletes may remove their masks while actively participating in their sport. Athletes participating in indoor sports must wear their mask while on the bench.