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Pamlico County Schools

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Homeless Education

McKinney-Vento legislation requires that students and families facing instability in housing are supported in their educational needs.  The North Carolina Homeless Education website provides a link to information and resources for students, unaccompanied youth, parents/legal guardians, school staff, and community partners. Pamlico County Schools' program for students identified as homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act includes: 
  • Equal access to educational and other services
  • Collaborative services for instructional support
  • Information for parents regarding educational rights of homeless students
  • Information regarding educational rights of homeless unaccompanied youth
  • Immediate enrollment, child nutrition and transportation services
  • Identification and removal of barriers to enrollment, learning, and involvement
  • Parental involvement opportunities
  • Student advocacy
  • Educational and special needs assessments with appropriate placement
  • School social work, counseling, and nursing services
  • Title I program support
  • Community partnerships

For questions regarding the Homeless Education progam in Pamlico County Schools contact: 
Nancy Ross, Homeless Liaison
252-745-4171 x 630

School Year Unique Number of Homeless Students Reported in Pamlico County Schools
2013-2014 16
2014-2015 13
2015-2016 6
2016-2017 4
2017-2018 16


North Carolina Homeless Eduation Contact Information:  

Lisa Phillips, State Homeless Liaison

North Carolina Homeless Education website: