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Parent Advisory Council

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Parent Advisory Council

The Pamlico County School District recognizes the tremendous value and importance of parental input as decisions are made regarding the operation of our schools.  A Parent Advisory Council is being created to provide a structured medium for parental involvement in our schools.   The Council will be made up of 8 parents, two from each school in the district.  The Council will meet quarterly and council members will serve one year terms.


To apply, please complete the electronic form below. Should you have questions about the Council, please contact Crystal Dixon, Director of Curriculum & Instruction at [email protected]



The intent of the Parent Advisory Council is to advise the Superintendent and district leaders on ways our schools and school district can provide a welcoming environment to all families, develop strong school-home partnerships, and promote the active participation and engagement of parents, family, and community members in the achievement and well-being of all students.



The Pamlico County School District recognizes that parent & family engagement in education has a positive effect on student achievement and is an important strategy to close achievement gaps. In creating a Parent Advisory Council, the District wishes to promote respectful partnerships between educators, administrators and families in order to support student learning and positive child/youth development at home, in school, and in the community.

The Parent Advisory Council will meet approximately once a quarter. Meetings will be planned and facilitated by the District’s Director of Federal Programs. The Superintendent, district and school administrators and others will participate as needed.


The main duties of the Parent Advisory Council will be to:

  • Identify and recommend strategies to increase school-family partnerships at district and school building
  • Identify and recommend culturally appropriate practices to welcome and engage diverse families in all
  • Continually work collaboratively to develop the Parent Advisory Council, its responsibilities, its structure and best practices; provide recommendations to the Council for improvements to help guide the success of the Council to assure we are meeting our goals.
  • Assist and support school district administrator’s activities and efforts to engage parents and community
  • Represent their school by seeking input and feedback from other parents.
  • Actively participate in the process by listening and sharing
  • Commit to pursuing the interests of every student in the Pamlico County School District

Click here to complete the application for the Parent Advisory Council