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Pamlico County Schools

Employees Receive Service Awards

Staff members who have completed their 5th, 10th, 15th, and 25th year of service to Pamlico County Schools were recognized during the October meeting of the Pamlico County Board of Education.  Pamlico County Schools appreciates the dedication and outstanding service these employees have brought to the school district during their years of service.


Picture Captions:

 (#1) Twenty-five years of service: (l-r) Sherry Meador and Kenny Hackney; Not pictured—Tim Davis.


(#2) Fifteen years of service: (l-r) Alison Bennett, Wendi Durci and Merry Sadler; Not pictured—Jennifer Littleton.


(#3) Ten years of service:  Paula Woodard; Not pictured—Jasper Voliva.


 (#4) Five years of service: (l-r) Front Row—Jaclyn Denney, Christina Wooten, Debbie Wright; Back Row—Jeffery Roberts, Elizabeth Harwick, Zanquavia Minor, and Jill Ireland; Not pictured—Vanesse Bell, Jerlvine Collins and Dave Matthews.