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Pamlico County Schools

Employees Receive Service Awards

Pamlico County Schools appreciates the dedication and outstanding service these employees have brought to the school district during their years of service.
Picture Captions:
(Featured photo) Twenty-five years of service: (l-r) Debbie Watson, Lawana Sampson, Susan Howard and Sheri Hale.
(#4) Twenty years of service: (l-r) Henry Rice, Joseph Spruill and Steve Curtis. Not pictured: Holly Bradley, Mark Partin, Maureen Prendergast and Nancy Ross.
(#3) Fifteen years of service: (l-r) Anita Boyd, Serita Moore, Wendy Williams, Anita Harvill, Karen Cayton and Barbara Ritchie.
(#2) Ten years of service: (l-r) James Durham and Wendy Lacy. Not pictured—Lynn Hardison, Kevin Knox, Ashley Leary and Naomi Wilson.
(#1) Five years of service: (l-r) Bertha Spivey, Letha Tingle, Lucynda Lane, and Christina Warren. Not pictured—Alice Garrison, Jason Gaskins, Rachel Gorton, Eric Hardison, Amanda Mehring, Marla Morrow, Jennifer Popperwill and Anne Wood.